The Amethyst Mage


Llothil the Amethyst
The Continuum Wars

Species: Human
Class: Fatemarked/Mage
Level: 1/1

Strength: 12 (+1)
Dexterity: 17 (+3)
Constitution: 14 (+2)
Intelligence: 15 (+2)
Wisdom: 15 (+2)
Charisma: 16 (+3)

Hit Points: 16
Fate Points: 10
Defense: 14 (Flat-footed: 12, Touch: 12)
Base Attack Bonus: +1

Fortitude: +3
Reflex: +4
Willpower: +5
Luck: +5

Concentration (T): 4 (+6)
Decipher Script (T): 4 (+6)
Diplomacy (T): 4 (+7)
Gather Information (T): 4 (+7)
Knowledge (Arcana) (T): 4 (+6)
Listen (T): 4 (+6)
Spellcraft (T): 4 (+8)
Search (U): 2 (+4)
Spot (U): 2 (+6)
Use Magical Device (U): 0 (-2)

Simple Weapon Proficiency
Magical Aptitude

Mage Abilities:
Perception: Fae Mists
Spell Rank: 3 (5/11/16)
Spellcraft: 4 (+8)
Creation Points: 199
Vitality: 15

Mystic Bolt: Rank 2/Power: 8 (Damage: 2d8/Range: 200’/Vitality: 2/Creation Points: 16)
Spider Silk: Rank 3/Power: 15 (DC: 15/HP: 15/Hardness: 5/Area: 30’/Vitality: 3/CP: 45)
Unlock: Rank 2/Power: 10 (+10 To Open Lock Checks/Vitality: 2/Creation Points: 20)
Cloak of Invisibility: Rank 2/Power: 10 (+10 to Hide Checks/Vitality: 2/Creation Points: 20)
Elven Footsteps: Rank 2/Power: 10 (+10 to Move Silently Checks/Vitality: 2/Creation Points: 20)

Skill Bonuses:
+2 Spot

Amethyst Robes (+2 Defense)
Enchanted Staff, +2 (+4 Attack) (Damage: 1D6+3(B)/1D6+3(B)/Critical 20(x2))


When Lee was only 9, she met a most unusual Traveler while lost in the forest. She befriended the traveler, enraptured by his ability to weave stories of her beloved Middle Earth. The traveler was impressed by her understanding of the tales, even at her young age, and answered every question she had. Then, one day, the traveler’s secret was revealed, when he led Lee and her family through a magical portal, and into the heart of the land he described. Lee spent the rest of her youth there, among the heroes and legends of her favorite childhood tales, learning their ways as she studied the ways of magic under her friend, the Traveler. The elves called her Llothil, and in time, she became a mage in her own right, earning the Amethyst robes. It was then that the Traveler revealed to her an even deeper secret: she was Marked by Fate, destined to wander to the far corners of the universe, to bring Balance to the Continuum. It was then that Llothil’s adventure truly began, and the road ahead lay ever, ever on…


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